About Us

The Southwest Greensburg Fire Department is an all-volunteer fire department that responds to more than 1,000 calls each year. With all this experience, it should come as no surprise that we have been serving the Borough for more than 117 years. Surrounded by the City of Greensburg and Hempfield Township, our fire department responds to a variety of calls — including fires, vehicle accidents, rescue calls, EMS assists, and more. 

We are a very active fire department, and our volunteers are held to a high standard of training and professionalism that our community depends on!

For more than 117 years, our firefighters have been there to protect the citizens of Southwest Greensburg! You can be a part of this tradition of pride and honor by joining our team of dedicated firefighters. Getting started with Southwest Greensburg Fire Department is easy, and we need your help.
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“Due to the training and experiences I’ve received over the years, I was able to obtain different positions in my paying jobs, and become an instructor for the State Fire Academy. Volunteering presents challenges and a sense of satisfaction that you can’t receive anywhere else”
— Deputy Chief Bill Wright