Live-In Volunteer

Ideal for college students and young professionals, the Live-In Program offers individuals an opportunity to serve Southwest Greensburg Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter in exchange for free housing.

These benefits come with being part of our team:

Free Training and Gear

All gear and firefighting, rescue and emergency medical training is provided.


For college students through Westmoreland County Community College.

Tax Break

Pennsylvania state tax break incentive for volunteers.


A great sense of community and serving a good cause.


Opportunities for advancement and responsibility on both the operational and administrative side of the SWGFD.


Fitness equipment use.


You can build lifelong friendships and be part of something bigger than yourself.

Internet Access

Work from the firehouse while you volunteer! We offer high speed Internet access.


Being a volunteer firefighter is a gratifying experience in knowing that you are keeping your community safe.

Career Skills

You can learn new skills and gain experience that can prepare you for a possible career as a first responder. The high level of training volunteers receive can also help you in your career.
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