Volunteer Testimonials

“I volunteer for the love of the ‘job.’ Through volunteering, I have benefited from the lifelong friendships made”
Bill Wright, Deputy Chief
“I volunteer because it was a childhood dream that I was able to fulfill. It has given me an increased sense of community that provide a much-needed service”
William Danley
“I volunteer to help the people in my community when they need help the most. I have personally benefited from being a volunteer firefighter through education, learning how things happen, and how to correct problems with critical thinking and skills”
Thomas Bartley
“I have personally benefited from volunteering by learning how to push myself both physically and mentally. Volunteering is a fun and exciting way to give back to the community and it helps you see what you are actually capable of”
Kara Shafron
“I volunteer because I enjoy giving back to the community. Volunteering provided me great customer service experiences”
Shaun Teacher
“I enjoy volunteering to help the community in ways most can’t. I have gained a lot of knowledge and friendships due to the fire service”
Vincent Stofko
“I have gained lifelong friends and have been able to help countless people throughout my career. It’s just a great feeling to be able to help the community that you live in. It’s all about giving back”
Edward J. Milliron
“I grew up around my family in the volunteer fire services, so it became a tradition for my family”
Jake Mock
“Due to the training and experiences I’ve received over the years, I was able to obtain different positions in my paying jobs, as well as become an instructor for the State Fire Academy. The job presents challenges and a sense of satisfaction that you can’t receive anywhere else”
Bill Wright, Deputy Chief